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Our Academics

Our school program runs 40 weeks and follows the Broward County School schedule except that we do not have early release days. We offer small class sizes so that the individualized needs of each student can be met and where they can be challenged in a structured and safe environment. We offer both a regular diploma tract and a special diploma tract depending upon the needs of the child.


Each student is given an IEP (Individualized Educational Program) based on their individual needs in which objectives and goals are written for the year. In addition to our academic program, students receive instruction in life skills and social skills such as handling money, taking public transportation, and engaging in appropriate conversations. If a child is in need of therapy, they can receive speech, occupational, and physical therapies from our in-house therapists.

Life Skills

This part of our program encourages students to learn how to be self-sufficient and live as independently as possible. Students are taught money management, how to cook, do laundry, and other skills that prepare them for independent living.


Divine Academy provides in-house one-on-one speech and occupational therapy to those students in need.

Social Skills

Students are given the opportunity to process information while speaking in complete sentences and are taught how to initiate conversation, stay on topic, and create friendships.

Vocational Training

Students are instructed and assisted with learning skills that will allow for job placement within the community. Students travel to job sites in order to have hands on experience learning the necessary skills.

Academic Instruction

Students are academically challenged starting at their functioning level in a self-contained classroom with low student-teacher ratios. Academic instruction includes core subjects with a focus on improving comprehension skills and following directions.

Afternoon Specials

Students participate in afternoon specials such as music, art, P.E., Spanish, and jazzercise.

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