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If you live near Pembroke Pines, FL and have a child with neurodiversities, Divine Academy is the best option to ensure that your child's educational and therapeutic needs are met. Here are some reviews that we've received over the years:

 "The teachers and all the staff work and care for our kids as they are part of their family. We are so happy that our son is part of the Divine Academy family."

Heilen Ramirez Chappie

"My granddaughter attends this fabulous school! The teachers/staff are stupendous! They give each child support for their individual needs, love and special attention"

Gisela Rivera

"Divine Academy has been a tremendous gift for my son. He has learned so much, not just academically, but also physically and mentally."

Soley Torres

"The entire Divine Academy family is absolutely amazing! The directors, teachers therapist and staff are all a blessing!"

Jezette Acosta

I have two children with Autism and they are on opposite ends of the spectrum. After both of my children were emotionally and physically damaged in public school, I went seeking an educational environment that could give my children what they needed, emotionally, socially and educationally. My children spent the 2016 and 2017 school year with Divine and their amazing staff and educators and are thriving! They are both learning at an amazing rate, have made friends and are genuinely happier in every aspect of their lives! My nonverbal son is starting to talk and my daughter is learning to play the piano, to speak Spanish and learning the importance of a healthy diet and exercise on top of excelling in her core subjects! We feel so fortunate to be a part of the Divine family and are extremely thankful to have found them when we did! On top of it all, I get to volunteer in my kids' classrooms every week, which is something I was never able to do in public school! Divine is the best decision we have made for our kids!

Cate Crehan

"We were told that Nikolas would NEVER be able to write on his own… Divine Academy has proven them wrong. The staff is amazing, attentive, caring, loving, and they encourage our children to do their best."

The Moran Family

"I respect, admire and praise the Divine Academy Family, simply because of their patience, sincere devotion, kindness, dedication, and unconditional love for their job and the children."

Karla SD

"Fantastic school that specializes in providing need-based learning for children with disabilities.  Everyone deserves the same education. Divine Academy holds that ideal closely."

Brendan Barnard

"I highly recommend this school to those that say you "cannot" get your child to learn to read and write. Divine Academy can prove them wrong."

Jay G

"Like many of you reading, I was told my child wouldn't function like 'a normal boy,' that he would never be able to read, write, do math, communicate or have any social skills. I was devastated and felt hopeless. My son continued attending a school that was basically a daycare. I decided to leave and a better education for Pedro, a better future. I went on a mission to find a school that would help Pedro in moving forward, help him to learn in a healthy, nurturing environment.​ 


After many schools, I came across Divine Academy. I visited the school and felt a sense of hope as I saw students just like my son Pedro. These students where doing math, reading, and communicating as best they could with each other and teachers. After many prayers, I decided to enroll Pedro at Divine. Four years later, I can tell you that my son Pedro is a different child. Pedro can read, he can write, excels in math, communicates well and socializes with his peers. To me, Divine Academy has been a blessing. It has given me hope for Pedro's future. Trust me when I tell you....It has helped my child, and turned our life around....if it helped my child, why not yours?"

Maria Garcia

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