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10 Divine Academy Pictures That Make Us Smile

When we see the students of Divine Academy accomplishing their goals or simply just enjoying life, it brightens our day. It's even better when we can catch those moments in a photo. Here are some of our favorite photos of Divine Academy students and teachers that make us smile!


The Students Working on the New Divine Academy Garden


Ms. Reyes' Class


Happy Students on Field Day 2022


We Love Divine Academy!


Smiling Together Even When Times Are hard


Pajama Party 2021


Having Fun with Glitter in Art Class


Hearts and Smiles


The Amazing Women Who Started Divine Academy


Halloween 2021


We've caught many great moments in photos over the years and we're excited to experience many more in the future! To learn more about our school or enrollment for the 2022-2023 school year, call us at (954) 499-4638.

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