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Middle School Program

Our middle school program is designed for children, ages 11 to 14, who have autism and special needs. In order to best meet the needs of each student, they are grouped according to their functioning levels. Middle 1 focuses mainly on academic instruction, whereas Middle 2 focuses mainly on life skills. To get a better idea of which program is the best for your child, please read the descriptions below.

Middle School 1

  • 7:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

  • Individualized Academic Instruction in Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, and Math

  • Health, Physical Education, and Jazzercise

  • Music and Art

  • ​Spanish​

  • Social Studies, Science, and Computer Skills

Middle School 2

  • 4:1 Student-Teacher Ratio

  • Individualized Instruction in Survival Skills

  • Life Skills

  • Social Skills

  • Facilitated Communication

  • Creating Independence is Our Utmost Priority for These Students

Divine Academy Music Class
Divine Academy Middle School
Life Skills Training and Academics
Middle School Class
P.E. Class
Divine Academy Math Class
Divine Academy Music Class
Academic Instuction

For more information about our Middle School Programs, please send us a message using the contact form or call our office at

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Middle School

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