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Transition Through Training

Adult Program

About Transition Through Training

The goal of the Transition Through Training Program is to support and provide young adults with autism and special needs the necessary tools to help them transition into all areas of their lives through independent living training. This Nonprofit program is an extension of Divine Academy's academic program. To make a donation for our cause, please click the "Donate to Transition Through Training" button in the box below. Currently, donations will be allocated toward transportation for the students to attend community based instruction and on the job training. They will also be used for special events such as dances and social outings.
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Focus of Transition Through Training

  • Pre-employment skills

  • Job searching

  • On-the-job coaching

  • Independent living skills (preparing meals, doing laundry, making a bed, etc.)

  • Maintaining positive relationships

  • Managing finances and staying within a budget

For more information about the Transition Through Training Program, please send us a message using the contact form or call our office (954) 499-4638

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